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TOUGH SHIFT®, say it slowly, but act with it fast. It’s the way to seriously good change.

Tough Shift… seriously good change with Kevin McCarthy

21 April 2021

2:00 pm CST

Via Zoom

For EO Members & 2 key staff

Entrepreneurs must be nimble, yet profoundly centred personally and professionally for the organization to thrive. TOUGH SHIFT for Entrepreneurs includes “The Entrepreneurs’ Leadership Roadmap” marked by specific TOUGH SHIFTS. The more you anticipate the future, the better you can thrive in it.

TOUGH SHIFT is a proven character and leadership strengthening program with profound personal and organizational implications. Answering 7 TOUGH SHIFT Questions sets the stage for overcoming daunting challenges thanks to the predictability of a process, the power of purpose, and a wink of humour.

Kevin W. McCarthy is the world’s leading innovator and authority about clarity of purpose and, more importantly, powerfully putting purpose to work, or being on-purpose.

Kevin is a classically educated leader with an undergraduate degree in business and economics from Lehigh University and an MBA from The Darden School of the University of Virginia. He’s the Chief Leadership Officer of On-Purpose Partners, a business strategy advisory firm serving CEOs and CLOs based in Winter Park, FL. He founded the firm in 1983.

Since the late 1980s, Kevin has likely directly or indirectly influenced your life and work through his visionary thinking and writing in the field of business leadership. The conversation he started about purpose and being on-purpose only grows in relevance today. The On-Purpose® Approach is the gold standard in the fields of personal and organizational leadership. Decades later, his contributions remain on the leading edge of personal development and business leadership strategy and practice.

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