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Redefining How Works Gets Done with Brad Stevens – a Virtual event!

Redefining How Work Gets Done

A seismic “work revolution” is upon us. Early adopters are gaining an unfair advantage and outsmarting their competition. Startups to multi-national companies are outsourcing work to the “instant gig global economy.” On-demand freelancers, virtual assistants and micro-firms perform work that once cost thousands of dollars for a fraction of the cost – and in half the time.

The cost savings, high quality and speed of execution are remarkable.

How is this possible? Millions of trained professionals worldwide are accessible at a click of your mouse creating access to your own “personal global economy”. With minimal overhead, they deliver high quality work at very low cost― and fast.

Join EO Winnipeg for this Virtual event! With the changes to the Provincial covid meeting regulations in October (Code Orange), this will be a virtual event only. You are welcome to connect with your forum and participate together, as long as your numbers are below 10!

To connect to the event, please log on using this link at 1:00 pm on Oct 22 (you will need your EONetwork user name and password):




October 22
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
EO Winnipeg